Study with a Christian mind

Christian students must be intentional in bringing their minds to bear on their studies. Here are a few suggestions:

Tackle tough issues. Choose your courses, not by the grade you think you could get or by the degree of difficulty, but by the kinds of issues they will raise which are important to the kingdom of God.

Keep an academic/spiritual journal. As you prayerfully reflect over the content you’re learning, write down the things you can thank God for, implications you see for living out the truths you learn, and any unanswered questions you have.

Take classes with other Christians. Agree to get together regularly to debrief the course’s content, not just to help you with an upcoming exam but also to stimulate your reflections as Christians on the implications of the material presented.

Tell others what you’re learning. Present to your Christian brothers and sisters some of the things you are learning in your studies (this will force you to articulate your reflections, helping you to “own” them better, and it may encourage other students to think more deeply about their studies as well).


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