The Belief of the Kathodies

Some times later we moved to another field in North Gujarat and were engaged in reaching the unreached people known as Kathodies. Basically they are displaced from Khandesh region in Maharashtra and were scattered in the valley surrounded by Aravalli hills in Som- Sabarkanta region in the borders ofRajasthanandGujarat.During our brief tenure as pioneers to the displaced Kathodies between 1994 to 1999 a very miniscule number of 65 people came to the fold of Christ but discipling them posed a great challenge for us since most of them were migrant labourers. Teaching the biblical truths was not that easy. The transition or changing of their mind set from their old belief system to the new biblical truths was a mammoth task. However we worked hard to teach that there was no easy way to measure and ascertain they have understood the concepts of life after death, the soul resting in a place after death were all an interesting subject. When a middle aged new believer Kakadben died the rest of the community was distressed. As usual we consoled the bereaved and encouraged the rest of the believers with the word of God on the hope of resurrection of the dead, judgement, and eternal life in Christ. It was their custom on the third day to place hot rotis near the grave tied in a small piece of cloth. We quoted the verse in Ecclesiastes 12:6

In order to find the truth, one woman placed hot rotis and anticipated the spirit of Kakadben to come and consume the rotis. When that did not happen she believed what was written in the Word of God was true.

The spirit goes back to its Maker’ and assured them that the spirit would not come back.

Rev. N. Prabahar

The author is serving God through FMPB since 1984, now based at Nagpur. He hails from Tirunelveli EU and is deeply indebted to UESI for its contributions in his life.

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