The Only Man

It is Midsummer Day noon time. I peep in to outside. No trace of human being on the road. There is no drop of water in the home. This the only manis the right time I thought in myself. I take my pot and hurriedly stepped out. I started walking speedily. Though I have covered my face still I feel that my inner being is exposed. Looking here and there I am wondering and trembling in my heart whether anyone would notice me. Though I am trying to walk fast my steps are tumbling. For a second I feel the grip of emptiness, loneliness and a cloud of insecure feeling cover my mind. A deep sigh comes out of my heart which expresses my guilt. By the time I come in to my senses I have realised that I reached Jacob’s well. There is someone sitting at the well. Just looks like a Jew. Yes! No doubt He is a true Jew! I don’t remember that I have seen Him ever in this village. He looks so tired but I can sense a graceful countenance in Him.

Ignoring Him I started drawing water. “Woman! Can you give me some water” suddenly I hear a gentle voice from the same man. “How come a Jew asking a Samaritan lady for drinking water?” The words come out of my mouth unexpectedly. I see a magnetic smile on him. Another interruption!” If you really know the gift of God has for you and who I am, you will ask me and I will give the water which quenches your real thirst.” “What a wonderful news,” I thought. But a small doubt sir! You don’t have a bucket. And too the well is too deep. How can you bring this living water? I don’t think that you are a great man like our ancestor Jacob” I mutter.

Again I see a beaming smile! “See if you drink this water you need to draw water every day. The water I give keeps your thirst away. it is ever flowing never ending flow’’. Aha! The pains I took all these years for water has been evaporated I felt. So excitededly ”sir, sir please give me that magical water. I don’t need to come every day for the water” started pleading.

“Bring your husband.” A bomb exploded within me. What I have heard? What is the bond he mentions I never continued in before? Why so commanding? What shall I do? How can I escape? Thoughts running in my mind.” I don’t have a husband” a feeble voice comes from the deep in the valley. Is it me? What have I said? “Yes, you are right. You were having five husbands. The present one is not your husband with whom you are living” What? what a portrait of my life he is sketching? What is happening to me? I listen to my heart beat. Feeling so light as if moving in the air. There are smile on my lips and freedom in my heart . ”Forget about pot and water” I tell myself. Started running to my village, ignoring the enquiring eyes of disciples. Who is this man? Is He not Messiah who exposed the real picture of my life? Suddenly I stopped.” He is the only man talked to you like this” my heart whispered.


About the Author

Manjula and her husband John Lazarus are UESI staff based at Vijayawada.

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