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During a brainstorming session on Research & Innovation in the student ministry in 2009-2010, part of Vision 2020 planning for Gujarat, an innovative idea popped up. This was the inception of Theatre Team. Ahmedabad was selected to develop the Theatre Team model by 2012 in Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro Region. This team has been functioning in since the 2010 – 11.

The Purpose:

A Team ready to perform Skit, Choreography, Songs, etc. in camps and evangelistic activities Activities: Theatre Team has prepared & performed skits, choreographies, mimes, black light performance, gathered inspirational videos, choir etc. at local, regional as well as state evangelistic and other programmes.


With the increased involvement of EU students in the Theatre Team, we have been able to create separate groups to cover all of these evangelistic activities. Earlier, the students who were part of a choir were the same students who would participate in skits, choreography, etc. however, with this initiative we have been able to have separate teams for choir and skits, choreographies, etc. This has helped improve the effectiveness of a programme. Through this, gifts & talents of EU students have been identified and channelized them in proper ways.

Apart from EUs, different churches and organizations have also benefited through Theatre Team. This has helped in building a good relationship with them. God answered our prayers and provided sound system and a projector through sacrificial giving of the graduates and students.

– Sometimes, non-Christian students do not attention to the talk; however, they keenly watch skit or choreographies. God works amongst students through skits, choreos,videos, songs, etc.  During our evangelistic camp, many students shared that they were able to relate their lives with the characters in the skit. The Lord led them to commitment.

– It is difficult to openly preach in some areas; however, through this initiative we were able to share our message.

– Some of the students’ lives were revived by taking part in the Theatre Team. They have become regular in the UESI ministry. Student interaction has increased with this initiative

Future Plans:

To prepare video songs, prepare a DVD covering all the skits and other useful material for evangelistic activities which can be useful for other centers too. Three of our students attended the Communication Workshop 2013. We are planning to pass on their learning to the other students in Ahmedabad, by replicating some of the sessions of the Communication Workshop.

jeremy christian

About the Author

Jeremy Christian and has been involved in UESI since his student days. He works in a BPO as a Manager. He is married to Eva and their daughter is Joanna

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