Thou shall not Plagiarize

The Latin word ‘plagiarius’ means kidnapper or abductor. Hence, plagiarism means theft. Plagerism is quite pervasive in academic projects/assignments. When a student or a group of students are assigned to do a project, they are tempted to get that project at a reasonable cost. Here the academic intent is forgotten. Some of the reasons for plagerism are:

  • Peer pressure
  • Laziness & careless attitude towards and gaining knowledge
  • Misplaced priorities
  • Afraid of failures
  • Lack of creativity
  • Unwillingness to invest time
  • Eleventh-hour preparation
  • Unaware of the ethical violation
  • Sometime, some teachers, may also encourage to complete the work in-time using other’s brain.

Though using other resources is unavoidable, it can be used as a guide to trigger thinking.

How to avoid plagiarism? 

  • Encourage creativity
  • Diligent use of library, online resources and attributing to the source by footnotes and bibliography
  • Learning the merits of writing on their own and improving language skill, vocabulary, etc.
  • Setting time limits to complete
  • Encourage students that they can get an in-depth information in their subject while doing work of their own.
  • Guide can monitor their work periodically.

Remember, doing a project or assignment on one’s own with the help of available sources lead not only to academic success but also
to a sense of satisfaction. Enjoying one’s hard earned fruit gives immense pleasure. A believing teacher and believing student who feel the need of ethical standards only can promote creativity among students. Though once I too was a poor victim to plagiarize, it’s Christ Word on honest over small things made me realize this ethical standard. Why don’t we, as graduates and students promote ethical values among our students?
Petro-JoshuaAbout the Author

Petro Joshua, A home- maker along with her husband is actively involved UESI ministry in Tuticorin. They have two kids Joel Studd and Jude Seegan in Students  ministry as family.

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