What is Beauty?

Different people define beauty as…

  1. Beauty lies in the person who sees it. Each person is beautiful and unique in her own way. Beauty comes from within especially a smile which comes from the heart. –Mother of 3 daughters.
  2. Some defines beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is just a skin deep some says too. But I say it comes from the heart of a person. It is not the outer side of anything that is pleasing to the eye but it is that lasts even after it fades away. That’s beauty for me. Proverbs 31:30 –An Assistant Professor
  3. Beauty is a complex and infinite word. In short, it means pleasing to the eye. In reality, beauty is everywhere and in my perspective, beauty is kind of like art. It depends upon one’s desires, thoughts and likings. – B. Tech student
  4. Romans 10:15 – M.E. student
  5. When one loves others unselfishly, it is beauty for me. – M. Tech student
  6. I see beauty in someone/some object if I like them/it wholeheartedly, even if they are not looking good to everyone. –B. Tech student
  7. Real beauty is not in the appearance of a person but in a person’s attitude and his deeds. – Social worker
  8. Beauty according to me is not about pleasing appearance or external adornment; it is the internal character tested and proven through the storms and convenient times. –Pastor
  9. Beauty is the state of maintaining harmony between self and creatures (men and living beings) with commitment, genuineness, purity, love and integrity. – Consultant Psychiatrist
  10. Beauty is a magical lens in the mind which makes the beholder to wonder at the things they choose to notice. -Consultant Counselling Psychologist.
  11. No doubt, the nature and the people look amazing in their own unique ways and looks, but beauty doesn’t only imply attractive looks. A person clothed with love, humility and gentleness is the expression of being beauty. – M. Sc., Final year student.
  12. Beauty is nothing but it makes us talented. If we see the beauty of nature, animals, people, birds etc., all of them are beautiful but when we are going to see the beauty of man or woman, boy or girl they are also beautiful. But we should not see only face, we should see by heart. There are a lot of types of car in the world, but the people do not buy the best-looking one. – Undergraduate student from former USSR.
  13. Beauty is having a heart of gold. All the beautiful things in the world fade away some day. The popping roses in the breeze, the alluring lady and the trees clothed in blossoms disappear with time. But the beauty of heart remains forever. Beauty is having a good heart! – Archaeology student from Bhutan.

Abraham Jebaveeran, the author lives with his wife Baby and youngest son in a North Indian city. They are ministering to young people including university students.

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