Giving as students

Many of us know about a missionary, Jim Elliot, who went to South America with four other missionaries. He gave his young and precious life cheerfully to God’s work and gained the people of Auca. Jim Elliot considered it was worth in God’s sight. It does not mean that going out is giving cheerfully. We can do our best wherever we are. Giving away selflessly the money we were planning to spend on ourselves is a kind of cheerful giving. It happens when we donate our rare time to a needy individual too. We all give our time, money, energy to God in many ways. But, how do we know that we are giving cheerfully?

1. A real giving cuts every day spending budget.
2. It pinches us to come out of our comfort zone.
3. It will be kept a secret while and after we give, as the Bible says.
4. Name and the Fame will not be given importance. (As Ananias and Sapphira did)
5. It’s not necessary to count the cost of what we give.

This is exactly cheerful giving. Giving involves 3 T’s. We as students can give our time, talent, and treasure.

Giving Time How can we give our time? On Sunday afternoon, we may be tired and will be taking rest. After a little nap, we can equip, refresh, and replenish ourselves by spending time with the Word of God, sharing the Gospel with a friend. We can pray and study the Word of God in a small group.

Giving Talent We have talents and we express them in different ways. Some of us may be good at taking notes in class and thus we can help our classmates or juniors who find learning difficult. They will be attracted towards us and thus we can make use of this opportunity to share the gospel.

None of us can say we do not have any talents! Even smiling at others is a talent. Giving Treasure We have to give the best part. We may not be earning but then we can 10 save the money given to us. How? For example, it is comfortable to reach some places by an auto. But we can start early, travel by public transport and save money.

We can try going on foot to some places. The money thus saved can be added to our regular giving (i.e. from the pocket money we get) God’s work. Joy fills our heart as we practise this! We can give our new dresses to missionaries’ children. It may be difficult to give what we like most but real giving demands sacrifice as our Lord did.

Outcome of Cheerful Giving:
1. The joy we get in giving is really abundant and immeasurable.
2. It earns souls for Christ.
3. It transforms our ego-centered life to Christ-centered life.
4. Great reward awaits us in Heaven from our Lord- the great cheerful Giver.

Be a Cheerful Giver. Give to God first – just do it! – Just as time is a gift entrusted to you by God, so are your possessions. God commands you to give off the best – not from the leftovers. When you give to God systematically, giving becomes a pattern of your life. Identify the methods of using your talents to fulfil God’s purposes. You know what? The Cheerful Givers are loved by God as Paul says in 2 Cor. 9:7.


About the Author

Karen is doing III B.Sc. Zoology in Women’s Christian College, Chennai. She serves as the president in the Triplicane ICEU.

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