Universities pride themselves on being centers of ideas and for being on the cutting edge of change for the advancement of societies. Often you will find that emerging trends, ideas, or movements are first accepted at universities before any other
How many of us need to say it out loud today, what we are hearing from so long inside of our hearts? The gentle whisper that constantly reminds us of our calling when it says, “You don’t belong here, it’s
Campuses are always changing as the students trends are changing. Change in student trends are directly impacting the campuses. How are changes happening in students? Students are impacted by the global changing trends of economy, politics, media, culture, fashions, entertainments,
Friendship How do we understand ‘Friendship’? A friend is a person whom we get to know outside the family, mostly from our school and college, with whom we feel we share the same wavelength and hence we develop intimacy This can
In 2019, IFES started a listening and discerning process that sought to help determine the fellowship’s strategic priorities for the coming decade. During this process, IFES engaged with representatives of the different stakeholders of National Movements, and particularly with students
Starvation Deaths? Selfishness of man makes the forests disappear. So rain decreases, drying up water bodies. Agricultural fields get converted to flats and factories, hence food production decreases. In the cities which are “Concrete Jungles”, the rain water is unable to