Secularism essentially means to keep God out of the picture. Decisions at various levels are taken without reference to God. Jesus and His disciples were in the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Martha was concerned about serving the guests, which
The Preacher’s Commentary states that the Romans of Jesus’ day had a saying: there is nothing more useful than the sun and salt. Salt comes from the process of exposing sea water to the sun. Roman soldiers received salt as
It all began during one of our music practices, when a worship leader made a remark like this: “Do not bring your management, and learning and development stuff into Church”. It was one of those rare moments when I had
My friend, a committed follower of Jesus Christ, provides leadership to the workforce at the Bombay docks. The workforce around him (from General Managers to daily wagers) is made up of secular deists and secular atheists. I am sure there are
One of the phenomena noticed in our country in recent times is that the word secular used in the Indian Constitution receives a lot of flak from certain quarters. In one sense, Christians should agree with that criticism since the